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Stumbled here after looking at a few Kahr pistols at a local gun shop. I'm in line waiting to tun in my CCW application here in California. My county is fairly easy, but the line can be up to a year long. That's good news and bad. Freedom breaking out is a good thing, even if it results in long waits.

Currently own a Walther PP (in excellent firing condition) and a Beretta 92FS. Both are reliable firearms and the Beretta can be carried concealed in the fall/winter - not so easy in summer months.

I'm looking at a CW9. Not high priced, but from all I've read and been told, it can be a very reliable gun with proper care. Would love ot hear opinions from those who own them and/or carry them.

Nice place you have here!

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I own and carry a CW9. I like it very much and have installed the ported barrel. Have not had a malfunction and have fired over 800 rounds through gun.
Hey Charlie, welcome to the site. The Walther PP is a great gun, I especially am a fan of the Walther PPQ which I will be picking up here pretty soon.
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