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New MK9 Elite 03, first range visit

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Finally got a chance to fire my new MK9 today. Had some trouble finding ammo for it, but glad to find some online. The gun fired about 50 rounds today without a single hick-up. Used Gold Dot 115 gr HP, both 6 and 7 round mag's functioned flawless. Recoil not as bad as I thought it would be for such a small firearm. Can't wait to get more ammo and try it again. Hopefully I'll be able to get some locally, but for now no one has got any available in my home town.

Reading some of the reports here and there about FTF or FTE's on new guns had me wondering if mine would do it before the break in period. It didn't, made me very pleased with the MK9.
A sweet little gun, now if I could only see the sights clearer (old tired eyes)......oh, well I once was young.
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The fact that its all steel helps in the recoil department, and I like the solid feeling of heft as well. Enjoy it........
As for the sights, you may want to check out the XS Big Dots. I have them on another carry gun, and they are fast acquiring for self defense. They are not good for longer distance target range use, but for self defense use they are hard to beat.
Hear ya on the ammo problem , can't find much of anything here. Too many ammo hoarders out there , bet the ammo shortage is going to last a year or two. Keeps me from hitting the range.
Ammo shortage is pretty bad when the range I go to is selling their self defense ammo at 1/2 price for range use. Even at that price in 20 or 25 round boxes its still outrageous, double the price of regular 50 round boxes of 9mm, say at Walmart.
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