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New P380 design

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Having just purchased a new PM9, (I already owned one, but wanted the black diamond model) I discovered the design has changed some. i.e., .2 longer, beveled front slide and slide stop smoothed at the rear for easier removal from holster. The change apparently took place in October of 2010. Likewise, while I was at the gun store I noticed a NIB P380's slide stop had also been smoothed off at the rear. I'm wondering what other changes took place. Also, would it be possible to order from Kahr parts one of the new slide stops. If anyone knows please fill us in.
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P380 also has a two screw side plate now. Trigger pin also seems to be longer on the newer models.

Best bet is to call Kahr and ask about the new slide stop. I've never had an issue with mine hanging up on holsters, but they must have made the change for a reason.
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