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New P380 gets high marks

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Well, I have been the proud owner of several Kahr pistols. The biguns and the liluns. I have had some cause me problems, even had a trigger fall out while shooting the gun, not to mention the handle falling off on a new Kahr. I finally got this P380 and put the first 100 rds through it today, and I must say, it was a pleasure! Absolutely no flaws with the gun, just had a misfire with one of the Aguila rounds. I am a little old school, I fired nothing but round nose first time out, but it is all I hoped for and more. Didn't check accuracy too much either, but braving the cold and the expense of the 380 bullet, well, it was pleasant and fun. I have the Hornady extreme self defense ammo for carry, but this little gun is my "in the pocket piece".
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