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New P380 Owner and Member

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hi all,

just picked mine up today.. range tomorrow or saturday. looking forward to gaining knowledge from the group here!!

here is a pic.
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Hello All,
First post. Bought a P380 today. Ran 100 rounds of Winchester white box through it with 5 stove pipes and 4 fail to feeds. The slide locked back after the final round on the first 2 mags. On the 3rd and all subsequent mags, the slide failed to stay open after the last round. This happened with both mags.

Prior to shooting, I cleaned and lubricated the gun well. I will run another 100-200 rounds through it (as Kahr says) before I let myself be disappointed. My wife's CW9 has been flawless right out of the box. Should I be worried or not?
Another 150 rounds today. One stove pipe early on and it was good after that! Very happy. I altered my "thumbs forward" grip and had zero slide issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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