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Just bought my Black/Black p380 today and found this great forum.
Welcome! Good to see another new owner! I really wanted the all black model but got too good a deal on a pre-owned - but unfired - stainless over black model to turn down.

1) Does anyone use a wallet holster? The gun shop I bought from (Lou's in Miami) told me they are crap and eventually the holster will interfere with the slide. Has anyone had success with one?
Sorry, no help here...:p

2) Pocket Holster? I had my eye on the DeSantis Nemisis, is this the holster of choice for most of the forum members? P
I have the Super Fly & I think you may like it, too. It has the removable/reversible 'flap' which makes it print similar to a wallet holster in front OR back pocket, but doesn't interfere (as much?) with your draw.

3) Ammo? I was looking at breaking in with Blazer FMJ for about 200 rounds. I was eyeing the Buffalo Bore +P (I know its their designation) for regular carry, is there a similar or better option members have found with an enhanced load?
Check out the Ammo Dump section. Ljutic (another user here) has done extensive testing & there is plenty of good info to be had there!

4) Any other cool must have's I am missing? I plan to read the forum from one end to another.
Think about the CT Laserguard. I am more than happy with mine!
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