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New P380 owner

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I recently purchased a new Kahr P380 and the dealer recommended Winchester 95 gr/ FMJ Target/Range ammunition. I have not shot this gun yet and am hesitant because I have read several messages on line that say this ammunition frequently fails to feed. I don't want to damage my new P380. I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations for Target/Range ammunition.
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I had good luck with pmc bronze, remington green box. As Toney said in a previous post, your gonna have to shoot whatever you can find. Check out in the forum about lubing a Kahr. That's very important to minimize feeding and ejecting issues, a good cleaning and lube out of the box could save you grief afterwards.
Yeah, I'm glad to see that you know what you are doing. Sometimes a new gun goes straight to the range without cleaning and oiling. This is not always a problem, but Kahrs have very tight tolerances and stiff springs. They can, and in many cases do need a couple of hundred rounds of fmj run thru them to function reliably. That 1st cleaning and lubrication is really important. I have had 4 new Kahrs and never had the first problem with any of them, all flawless from day one. I have found they like to be very well lubed, and racked the slide a hundred or so times before that 1st range visit. Also important is a firm grip, as any limp wristing will cause the gun not to cycle properly. These are basic things that I think if not done, cause some folks to have problems with their new Kahrs, and other new guns as well.
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That slide is tight as you found out. You have done all the right prep, you should be good to go. Next step is go to the range and enjoy shooting that fine weapon. Good shooting, have fun !!!!!
Very cool.......it's great when someone gets their 1st Kahr and hits the range with it, and the gun just exceeds their expectations. The great thing about them is if you like that trigger ( and its hard not to ) all their guns have that same smooth trigger and feel. So if you move up to a larger gun and different caliber the overall feel and experience is the same !! Good shooting my friend and have fun !
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