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New P380 owner

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I recently purchased a new Kahr P380 and the dealer recommended Winchester 95 gr/ FMJ Target/Range ammunition. I have not shot this gun yet and am hesitant because I have read several messages on line that say this ammunition frequently fails to feed. I don't want to damage my new P380. I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations for Target/Range ammunition.
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my dealer told me that as a rule of thumb, anything rounded tip will work through my P380... can anyone give me ammo that they use that is working for them?
Ron, Thanks for the tip about checking out the forum on Lubing my new gun.... Hmmm.. kind of sounds a little... uhh..
The first thing that I did when I bought it was strip it down and clean and oil it. That is just me but any tips I can get is always appreciated.
In the words of John Lennon, "I've got Blisters on my Fingers" from Racking this gun.... I racked it about 100 times before I gave it up. Now that my blister has healed I figured I would cycle a few clips a day until I hit the range. I believe that you can learn quite a lot about a gun just working with it.
I just got to shoot my New Kahr P380 for the first time today and I have to tell you that I am very impressed with this little gun!! The FMJ's went through it like a knife through butter!! Not one failure, miss-feeds etc.. Just pure perfection!! This gun has a really easy trigger, very little recoil, and just incredibly easy to manage. I definitely got more out of this gun than I ever anticipated. For my first day at the range I am really pleased about the accuracy, slow or rapid fire it is spot on target. Where ever you point this little pocket pistol it will put the hole. Just so you know, I did take the time to give it a good thorough cleaning when I purchased the gun. After that I spent some time racking bullets through the chamber and allowing them to eject so it would loosen up a bit. By the time I hit the range, I had already racked and put bullets through this gun well over 300 times. During that time period, this gun did jam a few times because it was so tight but the more I worked with it the better it got. I will tell you that it took a good 200 times for it to really finally feel broken in and proper. Going to the range was just icing on the cake. Looks like my wife will be getting her Black Rose Addition after all.... What a great little gun!!
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Thank you for pointing that out regarding the trigger and the overall feel of the gun. I did see the nine that caught my attention and that thought did cross my mind. But first I want to buy my wife the Black Rose Edition P380 that really caught her eye. That was the very first gun that really caught her eye and she has wanted it ever since.
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