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New PM9

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Went to the range for the first time last Thursday with my new PM9. First
shots were around the middle but it took about 12 to get a good bead with
the gun. I load no more than 6 shots at a time so I can get a handle on how
I am shooting as I reload. Shooting too fast and too many at one time does
not allow me to learn.
After 12 I was able to put a few back through earlier shots so I felt pretty
good with the Kahr. Looks like a keeper.
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Great..........sounds like you are on your way to enjoying that fine weapon.......!!!!
Last week I finished up running 200 rounds thru my new CM9. No problems so far and I like what I've got. Just finished CC last week and start second class on Home defense which means another 300 rounds. I've spent hours over the last two months studying different CC guns. There are none that fits what Kahr has to offer in several areas, size, cost, caliber, dependability, accuracy
Congrats to you as well xsailer........and If I might add to what you said, that smooth Kahr trigger is the icing on the cake. Enjoy the weapon, carry always.......stay safe !!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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