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New to Forum & New P380

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Hello Everyone,

Recently purchased a P380. So far I like it.

I was concerned about purchasing the P380 after reading people having many issues on the internet.

Put 250 rounds through it with no failures. ( Ammo used was Winchester White Box & Blazer Brass )

Size, weight, trigger pull & recoil are the nicest features of this firearm.

Previously had a S&W Bodyguard 380, did not like the trigger pull or recoil. Also had issues with slide failing to stay open on last round.

Traded the S&W Bodyguard in for a Sig P238, very nice shooter but did not like the cocked & locked feature. Also felt the gun was a bit on the heavy side.

Traded the Sig P238 in for Kahr P380.

Would like to read more on how reliable the your P380 is.
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Welcome. I recently purchased one also...the net scared me as well. So far my P380 is solid. I've only got 50 Rd's through it. This site is great. The guys gave me great info when I though I had a problem...when I read the manual I knew they were spot on: FYI, to chamber a round, use slide release, don't sling shot it. Lol. Thanks guys. Enjoy the gun.
Welcome.......and congrats........!!!
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