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New to Kahr forum! P380 Questions.

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Hello all. The site is cool. I'm new to the Kahr family. I just picked up a P380 yesterday. The gun is really cool...but I have some questions:
Yesterday I put 50 rounds through it, I know the manual says break in is like 2 hundred. But I had failure to feeds often when I racked the slide. If the slide was locked back and released to load...no problems. The back of the round seemed to be catching the firing pin. Anyone else had this problem? Will break in cure it? BTW, I had NO failure to extracts. Thanks. Glad to be a member of the site.
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Oh yeah, and I was using this ammo: Publication Font Rectangle Tints and shades Packaging and labeling
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Howdy and Congrats!!! Are you using the release or slingshoting?
Using the slide release works fine-no Failure to feed. When slingshotting it-FTF very often.
Kahr recommends using the release. Its a pain being left handed.
Welcome.........and congrats on your P380. Kahr recommends chambering a round from slide lock, slingshoting will not reliably load. So your gun is ok, many times after a good break in and the gun loosens up a bit you can get way with slingshoting. Just have to rack the slide all the way back and release very crisply. Enjoy your new weapon !!! There you go Toney just posted the same answer ahead of me.....
Thanks guys. I'll dive deeper into the manual for the details. Lol. I guess I have to carry with one in the pipe(which I don't normally do)....using the slide release in a pinch doesn't seem good. Ha ha: "Bad guy, hang on while I use my slide release!" : )
The great thing about Kahrs is you can safely carry with one in the pipe. They do have a firing block safety, so the only way the gun will fire is with a full trigger pull. That is one of the reasons for the longer DA pull, and if you notice the trigger releases at the end of its travel. It's kind of a long travel compared to most others, but it is also one of the smoothest, if not the smoothest DA pull out there !!! For safety always use a good holster that covers the trigger even if you pocket carry, that of course goes with any gun.
As I'm reading the manual...you guys are spot on with your info. Awesome, thanks. I have a great pocket holster that covers the trigger. I love this gun! Here is the answer to my initial problem: Rectangle Handwriting Font Writing Screenshot
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One in the pipe is the only way I carry with a good quality holster that covers the trigger.
Would you consider an Uncle Mike's inside the pocket holster as a quality holster to carry one in the chamber on the P380 ?
( Fits nicely and trigger is covered )

If not, what holsters would you recommend ? ( I have installed a Crimson Trace Laser on my P380 )
If the gun fits properly like you say and trigger is covered, you will be fine with it........
Wood Everyday carry Electric blue Strap Rectangle
this is my cheapest pocket holster. Got maybe 50¢ in it
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I have a Bulldog in pocket holster size small that works great. I don't have a CT though. They make one size larger that would probably work with the CT.
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