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New to Kahr... got a P380... review

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I recently got a P380 in black stainless... and I have put about 125 Magtech rounds thru it...

some FTFs... edge of round hangs up on edge barrel

some FTFs... round is not stripped from mag

a few light strikes..

slide fails to come all the way forward (usually last round from clip) ...requires pushing slide forward - the last 1/4 inch

Not too happy yet... will continue to clean and shoot... another couple of boxes (100-150) ... then it's going to Kahr... because a 650 dollar gun had better perform...
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Do you have any updates? Did it straighten up or did you send it back to MA?
Sent it to Worcester... got it back... and it has performed very well since returning. 150 down the pipe.
Hello all!! I picked up my first Kahr P380 used but practically brand new. Finish is better than some new guns I've seen. One drawback is I don't know how many rounds have been put through it so I'm "starting over" with it. Ran some Starfire, WWB, and Privi Partizan. 5 rounds of the Privi were light strikes (or hard primers). Ran 5 rounds of Starfire, no problem. Ran 100 rounds of WWB with no FTF. Had around 7 FTE where the spent shell was caught up on the next round in the mag.

-Chalk it up to the break in period or is there something to look for that causes that issue?
-Anyone experience problems with sending a used Kahr to the factory for service such as warranty coverage? Not sure how old the gun is.

Thanks! Great site. Lots of info!
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