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Hi All,Just want to say hello and look forward to absorbing some of your knowledge and sharing some of mine(whatever's left).See some familiar names from over at Kahrtalk.com ..... :)
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As a very new rookie newb myself I haven't been assigned to the welcoming committee myself but I'm glad you made it over the hurdles and got yourself signed up and activated.

Kraigster came thru for you as promised.

A howdy from the great smokey state of Arizona.
The Kraigster cut thru the Red Tape & certainly made the process complete..Bawanna what do we do now??I have to learn a new format..This forum stuff is a little confusing,I was just getting myself acclimated to Kahrtalk,oh well always good to learn new stuff.Thanks for the welcome rgbiker I hope you get some clean air to breathe soon.I am familiar with that miserable smoke drifting over your area as I get it sometimes when the Everglades are on fire & the prevailing winds bring it over my dwelling.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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