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newbie to kahr from southern , in

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Hi ,
Well friends I ordered a k4044n ( blackened stainless with night sights) this weekend.
I wont recieve it until friday or saturday. I hope I made a good choice , and wow I must say there is a lot of choices .SO I guess im looking for some reassurance on my choice.
My problem is ,i'm like a kid in a candy store when I go to a gun shop.
Although I did research of carry guns I was interested in. By the time I got to gun shop I still wasnt sure. None of the guns I was interested in they didnt have. Although the selections are much better now then 6 months ago. I went ahead and took a chance on the k40 for carry. I hope my pick will meet my expectations.thanks for any input in advance. And ill let everyone know how it turns out .:)
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Toney , nice to meet you. Im having bad signal issue's with my not so smart phone. Ill check messages tommorow when I get to better location. Have a good evening.
Nice meeting you ron54
I'll check in tommorow when I get better signal. Have a good evening.
The k40 is an excellent carry gun. I had one that I carried some, but my main carry is an mk9. It is a smooth accurate and built like a tank gun. You will want to get a good holster and stiff gun belt as it is all steel and has some heft to it. Then it will be easy to carry with comfort, so don't skimp there. The heft helps in the recoil as the 40s&w is a high pressure round, and tends to be a little snappy. I only traded it just last week. I found that with my mk9, I just wasn't shooting or carrying the k40 like I thought I would when I bought it. And I have a bunch of 9mm ammo that I can shoot, so the new gun itch got the best of me. Once you get it follow the kahr break in, clean it, lube it on the heavy side, rack the slide a couple hundred times, only shoot fmj round nose for the first 200 rounds ( no wwb brand ) and you will be very happy with it.........
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