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Nice to be a new Kahr owner

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I acquired a Kahr CW9 recently to downsize a bit from the Glock 19. I haven't shot my new Kahr yet, but I'm very happy with its size/weight/feel. Somehow, Kahr hasn't been on my 'pistols to explore' list. I'm glad to have discovered Kahr, and to have one for CC.

I will buy a Remora holster ASAP, but I need a little guidance on which model to buy. I like a snug fit, so if anyone has a Remora for CW9/P9 please let me know which one you use.

Thanks. Glad to be here.

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Welcome aboard SwampDude, congrats on the new Kahr!
Howdo swampdude .... I've been running G-Locks for 20 plus years .. My GF is small in stature and after a run to a couple of gun shows and feelin through many pistols, she settled on a CW 9 for her carry pistol. We ordered it through Davidson's and we will be takin it out this Saturday for it's first work out. Looking forward to see how the Kahr handles !!
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