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not going into battery.

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p380, RB100x, 8/2010, on several occasions the slide will be 1/16 inch backwards - its not going into battery,
i can push the slide into battery.
sent back for light strikes.
i've fluffed and buffed the slide, barrel, and feed ramp.
i run it almost dry, very little lubrication.
with slide back, insert full clip, use slide release, goes into battery almost all of the time.

any suggestions why its not going into battery always,

before carrying i want reliability alike the lcp, p3at, bodyguard.
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You've shot it a lot?

Mine did that at first. I polished the inside of the chamber with a dry felt Dremel tip. I also sanded the inside of the mag lips with and emery board. I don't run it very dry though. I also keep the mag full because I keep it loaded all the time. I think that helps weaken the mag springs. I noticed that the slide closes much better without a full mag. I can pull the slide back an 1/8 inch and let go and it doesn't close when the mag is full. The upward pressure of the top round pushing on the bottom of the slide slows it down. My theory is that a dirty chamber+the pressure generated by the mag+the top round slowing down on the rough feed lips of the mag+weak recoil springs can cause the slide not to close.
thanks for the insight.
i'll work on the magazine.
everything else i have done.
Round count?
round count for bodyguard is ~450.

i'm almost a .380 collector,
had 5, now just 4, got rid of diamondback for half price.
i felt i was a beta tester, sent back 3 times for broken items,
over $300 of various brands down range with the diamondback.

i really want the p380 to be reliable - it will replace the bodyguard due to kahr's superior trigger.
I had that problem with my first one. It ended up going back for rework. Then I had the problem with pre-mature slide lock.

The second one has been much better but did notice that some ammos will keep the slide from fully closing. Primary problems were Fiocchi, S&B, and Tula.

I'm assuming you meant your P380 has 450 rounds through it. You might want to try a new outer recoil spring.
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