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Howdy, I got my p380 between the orignal posting on the legal list and the subsequent change to a non existent model that is not yet available. Made it by hours. Only in commiefornia. Also have the Crimson Trace lg-433 and love it. Have sent 200 rounds downrange with some FTF's but getting better. My 380 doesn't like Herter brass fmjs. Doing a lot of hip shooting and may be limp wristing. Got a front/back combo pocket holster from holsterpro which fits well. I found that when re-assembling the slide if i let the slide pass the first lobe on the cocking cam then pull the trigger to retract the lobe on the trigger bar, the slide goes on easier. The book says without pulling the trigger, but the tech guy at Kahr said that was a mistake. I found that without using that technique the slide tried to force the lobe on the trigger bar to the outside of the slide rather than down into the frame. Ammo is a problem, but seeing a trickle here and there, although the prices keep climbing. I've learned a lot from the forum already, as well as from LCP forum.
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