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OC or CC Represent All Who Carry !!

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As gun owners we are in the minority of the population. And if you carry either OC or CC you are also in the minority of those that own guns. So here's the deal, when you carry, OC or CC do you give thought to the fact that you represent all who carry. Because in a situation that calls attention to yourself, going somewhere you shouldn't, having to use your weapon, an altercation of some kind, you get the idea...!! And it just so happens where it is or becomes public knowledge, Do you realize that John Q Public will view your actions or what happened as representative of others or all who carry !!! Do you try to be conscious of your behavior in public, polite, non confrontational, not cocky or attitudinal towards others because you are carrying a weapon. So is it a responsibility for those who carry or not......??
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The biggest reason I got my permit was I was shooting a lot and hauling a truck load of pistols and rifles back and forth to the range. Got to thinking a permit would be a lot cheaper than being stopped and having forgot to pull a mag or leave something chambered.

I watch my [email protected], To me stuffing a pistol in my belt is just like dropping a pocket knife in my pocket.
Yeah...I got my license to carry because I was working in a bad area, and felt like I needed some protection. And personally I don't think to much about how my actions affect others that carry. That said I do like you, mind my p&q's. I'm way past the carrying on partying and raising hell stage. I don't do anything stupid or try to call attention to myself, so it all becomes a non issue. Now I just put on my holster as part of daily dress when I put on my pants, and holster up my weapon for the day. It stays there all day even if I don't leave the house except to walk the dog. Then at bed time I unholster the weapon and on the nightstand it goes.
I realize I am going to be held to a higher standard. I do represent others with the same situation, and no intention of screwing it up for others. I take CCW very seriously. I make sure my gear is well hid/concealed on me. I have no desire to attract attention, and I always use the adult mode of conversation/rationalization if the situation requires.
Being a responsible gun owner and taking carrying seriously, Is what its all about. Operative words here, seriously & responsible................
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