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A big hello to all a' Y'all.

Great forum. I've learned a lot from reading past posts. It just goes to show that an old dog can always learn new tricks. Thanks to all who participate here.

My P380 is new, but over the years I have owned (and sold) a few other .380s. I could never warm up to any .380 with a blow back design (including the venerable, big and heavy, Sig P232). I'm not recoil sensitive. I just do not enjoy shooting a "snappy" pistol, if you get my meaning. I much prefer a locked breech pistol.

The P380 is my 3rd Kahr. I once had a P9 (a fine weapon, but too heavy for pocket carry). I loved my PM9. It's accurate and reliable, and not too heavy in my pocket. But it was just a little too big and bulky for me to comfortably carry in my pocket, especially when wearing jeans; and so I left it home more than I carried it. I owned too many safe queens. So, reluctantly, I sold the PM9 to a fatter friend with bigger pants pockets. :D (For holster carry, I prefer my 9mm Springfield EMP. At the bedside, I keep a .44 Mag. Remington Alaskan.)

And now I have a P380. What a fine little gun! It's sure nice to be armed every day. I'm really enjoying my new pistol. And I'm sure liking this forum.

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