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Ordered Hidden Holster Today

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I just finished ordering a front pocket Hidden Holster and magazine pouch for my YET TO ARRIVE :-[ P380. I had a couple of conversations with Jim today and very much appreciate his patience in answering my questions. I have talked and corresponded with a number of pocket holster manufacturers over the last couple of weeks and I would caution people to be very careful. I ruled them out for a number of reasons ranging from lack of product knowledge (they're using the LCP mold for a P380 holster) or one who said he had holsters readily available, but after some further discussion, he didn't even know that Kahr had a model P380. There were even a couple whose obvious lack of honesty and business ethics would keep me from buying from them if they were the only holster maker on earth. As I said, be cautious and I want to emphasize that these were my perceptions of these companies, not based on order or product experience. I won't bad mouth them by name, because I could be mistaken and they were only having a bad day when I contacted them.
So far my experience with Hidden Holsters is very positive and I'm hoping my P380 will arrive at about the same time my holster does.

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Well played and well said Jack ;) I like the theory of instead of bashing the bad companies, just give praise and show appreciation to the good companies. Even bad advertisement is good advertisement, so certain things and names should just go unsaid.
We look forward to a pic Jack. :)
Which holster did you pick from hidden holsters?
My 380 arrived prior to my holster and I tried it without a holster in the front pocket of my jeans. It was way too tight and I don't feel I will want to carry there. I contacted Jim at Hidden Holsters and canceled the holster. I told him I still wanted the magazine case. He was very cooperative and understood why I cancelled the holster.
Yesterday my mag case arrived and I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality and fit. This case is made to be carried in a pocket rather than on a belt and I feel with this small a mag, that's the best place to carry a spare. Thanks again to Jim at Hidden Holsters for the excellent service and a quality product. If I ever decide on a pocket holster, he'll definitely be at the top of my list.

If you have a 380 on the way and want a holster when it arrives order now.
It's a 10 week leadtime.
From what I am reading it is going to be worth the wait.
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