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P 380 Stove Piping

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:) I need help. I sent my P380 back to Kahr and got it back Tuesday. I went and shot it today and it still want eject the empty case all the time. It stove pipes about four times per 100 rounds using all types of ammo. I called Kahr and they said try another kind of ammo so I did. "American Eagle" Does anyone have any good ideas. Thanks Don
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Kahr has mine now, for the second time. I have failures to feed, stove pipes and the slide locks open with certain types of ammo. Why did I pay a premium for this gun?
:) If you find out what Kahr did to stop the stove piping please let me know. Don
Just got mine back, they changed out the extracter. Have not been to the range yet...I'll let you know.
60 rounds of Remmington umc 95 gr. No chambering failures, no stovepipes. 8 failure to feed/slide locked open while firing. :'(
Waiting to see how Kahr handles this.
Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I am also still having having bad luck with my P380. More stove piping and light strikes. Sent it back to Kahr for the second time today. Don
Well I have my p380 back from Kahr for the third time. They replaced the slide this time. Finally shot it today..............
No failures chambering :)
No stove pipes :D
Several FTF's :( mostly with AGuila but also with Gold Dot's
2 failure to fire :mad: with 2 different types of ammo ???

I am over this gun!
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