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Cokeman said:
What works the best for you?
I've had really good luck with literally dozens of different ammos in my P380. After doing velocity checks on them all, I decided to go with Remington UMC 88grain JHPs mixed with Rem/UMC 95 grain leadless flat point fmjs. I put a few of each in the mag and hope for the best in the expansion vs. penetration debate. Regardless of the expansion question, these loads produce a bit more energy than Gold Dot, Silver Tips, and Hydra Shocks but are more affordable, available, and come in boxes of 50 and 100 so I can practice with my carry loads without too much concern about cost.

I steer clear of Fiocchi FMJ, S&B FMJ, and Tulammo FMJ as they do not feed in my P380.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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