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P380 experience from new member

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I own 3 Kahr P9's: home, car, office. Fun, comfortable, and accurate. None has ever jammed on any cartridge. I've been reading a lot about the P380 here and other similar forums: jams, FTF, etc. As I was buying mine, and ex-cop said the same thing, and suggested the PM9 instead (many great reviews), but the P9 carries just as well, and shoots better. For summer concealed carry, I wanted something smaller. Tried the Ruger LCP, but jammed immediately, and KILLED my hand. (Better to have the gun with you than at home, and better to practice if you're going to carry. I fired only 10 times with the Ruger and quit). The Sig almost has to be carried locked and cocked; with a very light SA in your pocket...not for me. I read you're supposed to clean and oil the Kahr 380 first. Bought it, took it out to the range right out of the box, fired 20 PMC FMJ...no problems. Then 20 Spear, 20 RBCD, 20 Corbon DPX. Very happy and no pain at all (truly surprised at that after the Ruger). Accurate enough for self defense at close range...farther out and you should be running, ducking, or hiding and not shooting. I plan to carry the Corbon. I don't trust the RBCD for SD.
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I think the same thing about the accuracy of the P380. When I first shot mine I started at 3 yards and 10 yards then just for the heck of it I put the target back towards the end of the range and I was all over the target. I noticed up close wasnt bad but far away you better run away and hide or run towards the target to try and give you a chance at hitting it. But i still love my gun and wouldnt get rid of it for nothing. I didnt clean and lube my gun the first time out, I just opened the box and loaded it and shot 100 rounds PMC ammo through her with no problem at all.
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