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P380 Holster Pictures

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Please post a picture of your P380 holster with or without the gun and tell how you like it. Please include a link to the maker's website too.
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I love my crossbreed minituck. If you are like me and bought a cheap blackhawk or uncle mikes iwb holster and couldn't even wear it because it was uncomfortable and had to be adjusted everytime you wanted to sit or bend over. Well don't give up on iwb holster until you try a crossbreed holster. Its a little pricey at $85 but worth every penny and more. I feel very comfortable carrying my kahr with a round chambered now. My p380 wit ct laser snaps right in and stays put with no chance of the trigger being pulled on accident. And now the porn. Sorry not the best pics, I just snapped some quick pics in my truck right after I pulled the holster out of the box

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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