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P380 holsters

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Bought a new Kahr P380 last week, and ordered a Mitch Rosen holster from the company website. While I'm waiting, I tried the P380 in my Desantis 086 holster for my Rohrbaugh R9s, perfect fit, and also with a Don Hume JIT belt slide for a Makarov.
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The Mitch Rosen holster for my new P380 arrived. Order confirmation said Black, packing slip said Black, Holster package said Brown. E-mailed sales with a photo of the package, order & customer number. Got quick reply to ship it back on Kahr's dime. Overnight delivery, will arrive in Ma. tomorrow morning.
Update: Hadn't received the black Mitch Rosen holster, called Clayton at customer service yesterday. He says the problem is that they ordered the black Mitch Rosen holsters last august, and yet to receive any. I told him to just ship back the brown one, and I would suffer the wardrobe malfunction. Should be on the way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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