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P380 - jammed slide - need help

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My P380 was reassembled after cleaning - but, through a bonehead move the slide stop was fully inserted into the frame THEN the slide/barrel group was slid onto the frame rails.
This has caused the slide/barrel to become jammed onto the frame. The slide can't move forward at all and only backwards about 1/8 inch. The slide stop can't be removed because it is not aligned with the removal cutout on the slide.
It would seem to me that as the slide/barrel slid onto the frame it can only be jammed tight and (as much as I hate doing it) a strong whack with a plastic hammer on the rear of the slide ought to free it. Before I do such a brutal thing I'd like the opinion of the experts.
Thanks for any ideas, suggestions or fixes.
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Have you tried wiggling the slide stop, will it move, can you pull it out ? Tried pulling the trigger while moving the slide forward ? Can you maybe stick a pencil in the barrel and try to lift the end of the barrel feed ramp, while wiggling the slide stop or pushing the slide forward or rearward to line up the witness marks, then pulling out the stop ? If the stop won't move see if you can use a punch and carefully tap it out. That's all I've got, maybe Toney will chime in here and can help out.........or anyone else got any ideas ?
The slide stop can't come out as the take-down cut on the slide doesn't line up with the slide stop....so the slide stop is held in by the slide. ACK! Just as I was typing this I picked up the P380 and for the millionth time tried to slide off the slide.....AND IT SLID RIGHT OFF WITHOUT AN OUNCE OF PRESSURE!!!!!! I have no explanation. This is magic. Ron54 this must have been your doing...... Use your power wisely, my friend. And, THANKS!
Probably all the manipulating you were doing finally did it !! I was wondering how the barrel lug and or feed ramp could ride over the slide release so easily like it did.........man you were lucky. I've read about where a kahr pistol was assembled and if the slide release goes in missing the barrel lug.............its a trip back to kahr !!!!!!!
Oh..........I bet you'll never do that again..........Lesson learned !!!!!
I'm still reeling - and wondering - about this miraculous fix. I've taken autos apart a million times....I can't imagine what was going through my head to put in the slide stop before the slide!! Thanks, so much Ron54. Whew!
We all goof once in a while............when I had my k40, I put the recoil spring in backwards and after assembling the gun and racking the slide the open end of the spring rode over the guide rod. Of course the slide jammed and I never thought I was going to get it off...........luckily I did. Now I pay close attention when assembling my guns.........as you can get careless sometimes when familiar with a weapon or design. You move to quickly and don't watch what you are doing.........and oops its too late...........my lesson learned !!!!!!
Oh yeah.....there was a lot of wiggling, jiggling tapping and slapping going on............mostly crazy cussing as well........I think the last round of cussing finally did the trick and freed the slide.............
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