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P380 jamming

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So i took my wife to the range for her first time ever shooting a pistol this week.
she started out with my P380, shot a whole box of federal and then went to some TulAmmo 91 grain steel case i had picked up at wal mart on the way. well it jammed. i could get it to feed after a couple trys but even when it did shoot it wouldnt reload completely about half the time. i got less than 10 through the gun.
when i tried to go back to the federal it was jamming too, failing to chamber specifically. in an attempt to keep her occupied i had to set it aside and go on to something else and never got a chance to try and fire it again.
now, ive had the gun for 1.5-2 years. its my CCW. ive never had 1 issue EVER and put 600 or so rounds through it of all kinds. i do keep the mags full. i was wondering if the springs may have just weakened in the mag? anyone know how long they should last before i replace them. Thanks, Josh

Updated 9/23 I spoke to a tech at Kahr. He said he thinks it's the recoil springs and not the mag springs, though he would give me no expected life out of a mag spring. I replaced both.
Upon removal the old mag spring was compressed over 1/2" in both mags and the recoil spring around 3/8" from the new ones. Range report to follow.

updated 10/17 I finally got to shoot the gun after replacing the springs. I shot 100 rounds of federal with no issues. Looks like a combo of cheap ammo and weak springs lead to my problems.
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The steel cases didn't damage the gun? How exactly were the rounds failing to chamber? Nose dives?
I doubt there's anything wrong with your gun. If you read through the archives, you will find that TulAmmo does not function well in the P380. It's junk ammo. Also Kahr recommends breaking in the gun with 250 rounds of shooting for best smoothness and reliability. Stick with quality ammunition and you probably won't have any further trouble.
He's past the break in period and the gun is now jamming after switching back from Tula to Federal.
I updated my case so far.
Yes this gun is well over the break in period.
For clarification, the bullets are feeding about half way and not allowing the slide to come all the way forward.
I replaced both my mag springs, recoil springs, slide stop (like the black better) and stainless recoil rod (can't hurt).

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I polished the inside of the chamber with a Dremel and felt tip. Is the chamber scarred? Polish the inside of the mag lips?

Why does yours have a black slide stop lever?
I may have to get out the polishing compound.
No visable blems in the chamber.
I just like the black slide stop better.
Did you buy it or paint it?
Did you buy it or paint it?
Ordered it from Kahr with my replacement springs.
Updated. Problem solved. For anyone else that carries a P380 I'd highly recommend changing these out regularly. I plan on every 18-24 months.
Awesome! O0
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