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P380 Range Report

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I took her out for the break in and I am just amazed! This little charm is really accurate! I am by no means a crack shot but at seven yards it was easy to group all 6 in the 3 inch targets that I was using. I shot PMC, WWB, and twenty year old UMC, for 250 in total. I had the usual FTF's, about ten in total. Most came from the UMC and all just locked the slide back without chambering a round. Most, probably due to me by not gripping tight enough. I am really pleased with this pistol! It is seems to be just as accurate as my MK9. Well done Kahr! :)
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Just a follow-up on the premature lock up of the slide. Kahr sent me a new slide lock spring and all of the various rounds that did fire had no slide lock issues. The only issues out of about 200 rounds were 3 sqibs from the Monarch brand (from the same box). I loaded those back in the mag and they all fired the second time. I had no problem with WWW, S&B, PMC, or Win PDX1. I am still amazed with the accuracy of this BUG. It is a keeper!
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