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P380 Sent Back to Kahr

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After 480 rounds, it was still having failures to eject and feed properly. The only ammo that worked flawlessly was the Hornady Critical defense. American Eagle, Blazer, and Lawman were all causing failures. Hopefully kahr can get it right or this gun is going away. My CM9 works perfectly after the first 200 rounds. Had the same expectation for this gun, so very disappointed. Will post how it performs once it comes back. Hopefully Kahr will spend their money and run a good number of rounds through the gun to ensure it works properly. I have spent too much already. A $650.00 gun shold NOT require $200.00 in ammo to break it in...
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Here's hoping she'll be back soon!!!
My P2380 came back from Kahr repair on Thursday. Went to range today and put 175 rounds through the gun. PMC and Gold Dot ammo. Only one FTF and I think part of that may have been my hand in the way of the slide slowing it down. So I am satisified and now after 600+ rounds through the gun and Kahr repair, I believe I have confidence to use it as a CC gun.
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Sounds like your well on your way. Good to go !
My P380 went back twice , second trip got a new barrel and slide ; works perfect now.
I am concerned about the p380 magazines. When I first bought it, one magazine performed perfectly while the other was associated with 50% plus failures. Kahr was kind enough to replace the bad magazine and all was well. Took it back out about a year later and no reliability at all with either. Same ammo wwb and hornady cd. One mag kept loaded the other empty. I am concerned about spring fatigue. Cleaned with slip 2000 and metal on metal areas with kroil oil. Kept in safe with dehumidifier. Returned to kahr. Any thoughts appreciated?
Any failures with wwb I would blame on the ammo.
Don't worry about keeping mags loaded, keeping the springs compressed doesn't wear them out, shooting them does.
Just got it back tonight. Much faster than expected. Wow, they take their customer service seriously. Replaced multiple parts including barrel, ejector,extractor, springs etc. Only other firearm that I ever sent back was a benelli. They sent me a letter explaining the use of the safety. Cannot wait to try it out. Always had really good luck with wwb in past. Anyone know what they test them with at the factory.
Don't know what they use when testing them out. Believe me and Toney...........WWB is not good reliable ammo. I did have some good luck with it in the past, but no longer. It's a waste of money, just too many failures feeding and extracting, and the Kahrs just don't seem to like it at all. Glad to hear that Kahr stepped up and took care of you quickly and fixed you up. Lube it well and shoot a box or two of good quality ammo, you should be good to go.
Found BB available on midway last night 8/22 standard and +p. Bought standards. Found gold dots gander mountain tonight 8/23/13.
Shot p380 tonight. Flawless with wwb, hornady critical defense, gold dots and BB standard pressure. Also asked Kahr what ammo they tested. They rec "brass case and copper jacket. We also rate all Kahr firearms (excluding .40S&W) to +P ". I noticed a very large increase in spring tension. Hope this helps.
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