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P380 Trigger/ Grouping

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After weeks of research and reading, I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself the p380. From the day I purchased the gun I was stressing over the quality and issues that others have experienced, but to my surprise the gun shot flawless. A total of 400 rounds, 5 different brand had gone through the barrel with zero failure, with one minor exception. I can't seem to get a decent grouping from 3 yards. I do realize this particular gun has a double action pull which takes time and lots of practice to get use to. But not being able to keep a 14in grouping at 3 yard was a little more than disappointing. I had 3 others with a lot more experience give it a go with only the same result. Needless to say with all the high reviews about the accuracy and the trigger of the gun, I am quite unsatisfied. Has anybody experience the same issue? I plan to qualify with the p380 as my CCW in a week and any pointer or tips on how to improve my marksmanship would be greatly appreciated. I have already spent hours dry firing and trying to get use to the trigger. The s/n of the gun starts with Rc0XXX, so hopefully this isn't one of many with issues. Another question I wanted to ask those who have great result with the gun is, which joint/section of your finger are you using to pull the trigger with? Thanks.
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Howdy and Congrats!!! While you are dryfiring try moving your finger untilled you start having clean breaks without the pistol jumping around.

I think the size of your hand and grip determines where on your finger you should pull from
I would try 2 things. 1st, slow even steady pull till it breaks, so you get to know just where it is. Then you can try taking up the pre break travel and aiming more precisely before finishing the pull and firing. Then with practice it becomes more 2nd nature, and your accuracy and speed improves.
Oh, welcome by the way..........
Thanks for the quick replies guys. I actually tried both methods that were previously stated. My first time with the 380 was actually a lot worse, I was just too embarrassed to talk about. At 3 yards I couldn't tell where it was hitting, I missed the target about 50percent of the time. My second time at the range yesterday, I was actually pretty confident stepping up to the line. From all the dry firing practice and realizing my finger placement caused a jerk, I thought I had it down. The front and rear sight had little to no movement as I was dry firing. I even tried the coin on top of the front sight method. Even though my grouping slightly improved compared to the first time, I still consistently get a couple of fliers. At 7 yards things seem to be a hit or miss, but I was able to get a 3 in grouping for an entire magazine in between somewhere. At which point, I knew there was nothing wrong with the gun and it was all user error. Unfortunately those were the best grouping I had for the day which I can't seem to reproduce, or paid enough attention to how I was gripping or pulling the trigger.
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