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P380 vs. several kinds of ammo. Photos included.

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Hello all,

Here's an informal test I did today with my P380. The test involved targets placed at 7.5 yards and shot from a standing, unsupported position. The targets had a 5.5" 9-ring and an 8" 8-ring. Twelve shots were fired at all targets except one due to ammo failing to feed. One magazine was used during the entire shoot. This was neither an accuracy test nor a reliability test since not enough ammo was shot to confidently determine either. BUT here are few random observations:

1. Golden Saber and GA Arms seemed a bit more stout than the others.
2. The conical shape of the Hornady bullet leads me to believe it would be unlikely to cause the slide to lock back inadvertently. It also had less felt recoil than the rest.
3. If you score the targets, the Federal came out on top as far as accuracy and the S&B was last. I do think all shots outside the 9-ring were 100% my fault.
4. The slide locked back twice; once with the Golden Saber and once with the S&B.
5. The Win Silvertips refused to feed after round 7, hence only 7 holes on the paper.

Since I didn't shoot enough, I can't say I reached any new conclusions. Take a look at the photos and reach your own given the information I provided. I'll try to answer any questions.




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Some pretty good shooting! About how many rounds have you put through it so far? Is your failure rate (any type) getting any better or worse?
Thanks for the compliment but I know the shooting can and WILL get a LOT better.

Anyway, to answer your question, the gun is hundreds of rounds past it's break in period. Reliablilty seems to be be rapidly improving. I have decided to grind the slide stop a bit, which should totally eliminate instances of the slide locking back prematurely.

This is a pocket pistol that can be carried and SHOT all day long. A good friend has one and recommended it to me. I came from a P3AT that was reliable but was a real bastard to shoot. It could be carried all day long but forget about shooting hundred of rounds at the range. I couldn't shoot it much and never "developed a relationship with it". However, I forsee a long and happy relationship with my P380.
I haven't tried any of the ammo you tested, so I was glad to see your results. I had been thinking of the S&B, but had similar accuracy with their 9mm ammo. Still probably a decent choice for range work if the price is right.

My own results have been mixed, but since at least some of the problems were my own fault, I won't go into it much. The 2 that I had 100% function with are WWB & of Remington L380A1B JHP. Both were reasonably accurate at 5 yards.

I expect my accuracy will improve over time, too. The trigger is much longer than anything else I own & does take some getting used to. At least it's a comfortable gun to practice with! (As long as I remember that a BandAid is standard range equipment. ;D)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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