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I was able to get to the local range today with the all black P380 I purchased last week. After checking five local (Sort of...) gun shops and finding only one, in pink, I got lucky at the sixth. They had about five in the display case, four with SS slides, two of which had night sights, and hiding down at the bottom of the case, one in all black. (Ser. #RB6---.)
Bought 200 Rounds of Federal 95g. ball at the same time. I also bought 75 rounds of Remington 102g. hollow points from an on-line retailer, and 25 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense FTX from another on-line outfit, for $37, which I thought was exhorbitant, but...they had 'em. Fired 100 rnds. of the Federal for break-in. With almost every magazine full, the 3rd. or 4th. round failed to feed. The round would barely move foreward in the magazine, and in every case simply sling-shotting the slide would finish feeding the round. With the Rem. 102 grain, which I had thought would be problematic because the bullet ogives were hitting the slide release, only one round of the 20 I fired did this, which surprised me a bit. I have a couple of new recoil springs on the way from Kahr, which may help.
As far as shooting, the little bugger was amazingly accurate at 25 ft. shooting just a little low, which was OK because I like to hold the front sight above the rear when shooting quickly. I have to note that loading the magazines scraped a couple of layers of skin off of the ball of my thumb, and the inside of the trigger guard quickly raised, then broke, a blister on the joint of my index finger nearest the finger tip. Next week, new recoil spring, another 100 rounds of break-in, and the Hornady for serious social purposes.
I just noticed the title says "New P260" Obviously should be P380. Now you know why the trigger guard raised a blister on my great sausage of an trigger finger.
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Howdy!!! I fixed it for you.
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