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Pearce Grip Extension Availability

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Good Evening

Back around the first part of April, I spoke with the folks at Pearce Grips re: an extender for the P380. I was told they were working on a couple of different prototypes and they should be available in June. He even sent me pictures of a couple of different versions and asked which one I preferred. I responded with my choice. I've since sent a couple of emails asking about availability and have not gotten any response. Has anyone heard anything about these grip extensions? I would really like to get a couple.

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If I put an extention on my magazine, it will be with a extra round to boot. Hopefully Kahr will make a seven rounder soon.
brent375hh said:
If I put an extention on my magazine, it will be with a extra round to boot. Hopefully Kahr will make a seven rounder soon.

+10 on that.
Received from Pierce today, in response to my inquiry: "Our Kahr 380 extension should be ready by the end of November."

I hope he's accurate - I don't much care about the increase in size and weight of another round, but I'd surely like an extension to improve the two-finger hold.
The Pearce grip extensions for the Kahr P380 are here. I emailed last week inquiring about the availability and they emailed back asking (Dear Bill, Email your mailing address and we will send you some very detailed information. All the best Pearce Grip) The detailed information was a pair of two P380 grip extensions free of charge. Thanks Pearce Grip....They arrived today.

That was very kind of them not many companies would do this for free. They look great and fit perfectly. The grip is improved considerably.

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Don't know if I'm to crazy about it frankly. Seems to add a lot to the grip. Kinda defeats the purpose of the pistol overall. Maybe a little "fine tuning" with a Dremel might be in order.
Cool Whardi! - please give us a range report after your next visit.
I agree with gilfo...looks kinda large.
Let us know how it affect your carry.
I have not shot it yet with the grip extension. The picture makes it look larger than it really is. I have been carrying it and the extension actually helps to keep the pistol better positioned in my back pocket. My pocket pistols always seem to tilt to the right or left and the extension keeps the pistol straight and upright. The extension does not catch or hinder me from removing from my rear pocket. I carry in an Uncle Mikes number 1 pocket holster. I have never liked front pocket carry.
I ordered a set.

Now if I can only get the darn pistol...
Pearce Extensions for the Kahr P380 (model # PG-K380) are available at Midwest Tactical Supply
I will wait until they have one that adds some rounds to the mix ;D. f3
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