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I carried one for over two years. My first compact was the p11. Have owned 5 kel-tecs so far.

I really like the looks and feel of the pf. Being a recoil junkie I enjoyed shooting it!!! Still not shoot my cm as accurately. But the pf grip is a tad bigger.

The cm pocket carries better than the pf.

I had a rough start with my pf, the firing pin came out on the fourth shot and it had the mag drop problem. Ended up having to file a catch to fix the mag drop problem. Guess the grip was out of spec. Had some problems feeding and extracting while breaking it in, but I had just cut the end of one of my strong hand fingers off and was shooting weak handed. And thinking back on it my xd didnt like the load either. Latter on it would burn through that load with no problems.

The machine work is really rough, bores can be rough also. But they are just a $200 gun.

I really wish they hit the primmer harder. The p11 hits pretty good. But the others with their long but very light pulls don't. I also don't like the way they will reset short on the hammer block.
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