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PJ Holster for CW9 review

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I most often carry in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster but I also like to have an IWB holster for my carry guns for when I’m wearing shorts. Since most of my shorts have slash pockets they don’t work well for pocket carry. I was originally going to get a Blade-Tech holster as my IWB for my new Kahr CW9 but then I saw a review and some pictures for PJ Holsters on a forum and it looked like it might work plus it was half the price of a Blade-Tech. Furthermore, Blade-Tech had a six week wait and they charged $18 for shipping which is outrageous. The lead time stated on the PJ website was 2 weeks and the low price of $45 includes shipping. This all seemed too good to be true and I was skeptical about the delivery time but the holster ended up arriving in LESS than two weeks. I’m very glad I rolled the dice and bought a holster from relatively unknown PJ Holsters because this holster turned out to be exactly what I wanted.

As I said, I’m using this holster for a Kahr CW9 which is small and lightweight (like most Kahrs). For this type of gun you want a minimalist holster and that’s what the PJ Holster is. The holster hardly adds anything to the weight or feel of the gun. It’s almost like carrying your gun without a holster. The kydex is thin and light but still strong and rigid making reholstering easy. I carry my Kahr in the small of the back and it’s well concealed with this holster even while wearing a relatively short and tight polo shirt (not tucked in).

The PJ holster that I chose has a simple but strong J hook. The hook has a piece of velcro on it which adds friction. The manufacturer even included a spare piece of velcro. It’s a nice touch but it’s not really needed and I removed it. I don’t think snapping belts loops are an option from PJ but that’s fine by me. If your gun is small and light enough to use a J hook I highly recommend going with one. A J hook enables me to quickly and easily remove the holster or position it in a different spot on my belt. It’s great. There’s no removing your belt to takeoff the holster or struggling to move it around when you sit down.

I really can’t find any flaws with this holster. It’s a fantastic holster at any price but with the low price and fast delivery time there’s no reason to buy anything else. Their motto is simple, practical, and affordable and that perfectly describes my holster. I strongly recommend getting one of these holsters ASAP because I have a feeling they are going to become quite popular.

PJ Holster LLC | Simple, Practical, Affordable Holsters.
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Howdy!!! I'm left handed have to my my own.
I looked at it on their web-site.That looks like a nice simple holster. How does it feel after lots of hrs/day. Just wondering.
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