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??=Places to look for a used Kahr(MK9)

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I'm looking for a good deal for a used MK9. Been reviewing a lot of online sites, bid sites also. Observation: prices seem to be generally the same as though it seems they themselves have done comparative shopping also? I suppose over a period of time looking, eventually a guy finds or at least decides to himself, this is the one. I've spent a little time looking in Pawn Shops with no luck. Maybe the discriminating Kahr owners don't "do" pawn shops<grin>. I also prowl classifieds too, which although may be the better way but not found very often. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Prices seem to be generally $600 and up.

Just making conversation.
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Your doing pretty much what there is to do.........the broker sites and classifieds are probably your best bets. The MK and K models are not all that common. Everyone mostly wants the the light weight polymer guns these days. So as you have most likely found out already there are some available, though if in good condition not low priced.
Thanks Ron,
A question? Do you know if a Kahr is purchased from a private buyer in the warranty terminated and also if shipped from another state thru a dealer is the weapon inspected. My concern is getting it as advertised and not with a damaged barrel or mechanism.
Maybe this should be separate thread?
I think the gun warranty would be subject to kahrs good graces. Generally speaking if it has a manufacturing defect i think they will fix it no problem. Many times most manufacturers will take care of a defective or broken gun regardless of owner or warranty policy, at no charge. I just had an instance where S&W repaired a bodyguard 380 I recently bought used, for free and no questions asked. Now thats customer service !!!! When you buy a used gun from a retailer be sure you know what the terms of their policies are regarding the purchase, and what if its defective. If its defective will they take it back or have it repaired. When you buy from a private party you are at their mercy and honesty level, in other words you are on your own...........Your best bet is to buy local if you can find one that way, so you can look it over and possibly shoot it before committing to purchase, even its its more money, it will be worth it. I know easy to say hard to do............
I've been looking at Armslist.com and although I had a very good purchase through them I worry about getting burned sometime.
So, sending a weapon through a dealer to another dealer for me to pick up is nothing more than them doing the interstate delivery and handling. No inspection of the piece to ensure it complies with an advertisement? I know....I'm dreaming. This is a new game for me, this gun business.
Yeah...........it's simply them handling a transfer from one FFl dealer to another..............condition of the weapon and such is no concern to them.............
I was 99% sure it was that way but had to confirm. As I mentioned I did wind up with a very fair trade several months ago. That's the only reason I continue to look but as you said it's a gamble always.

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