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PM9 Video - Hickok 45

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Here's Hickok's review of a kahr pm9 - since the cm & cw are so similar, your basically getting a review on all of them............I thought since we have some new members with several of the kahr 9's, might find it interesting !!!
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Nice to see that again. He seldom misses but sure did when he didn't aim didn't he. I think it remarkable he hits at 80 Yard! Also did you notice how little the gun recoils in his hands? I've some remark about it kicking back. Maybe I'm ignoring that but it never bothers me.

I used to shoot 100 yards at the rifle range, when it was dry you can see where your hitting.
I could always hit a clay bird within two mags with my p3at, hickoks gong would be easier than you think.
Someday I hope to try it. Tried a paper target at some distance and couldn't tell if I hit unless I walked up to the target each time. A Gonger would be nice.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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