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pocket rocket

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My 357 pocket pistol.

Bought a Smith 638 cause I didn't have a j frame in the collection. Was not a revolver guy at all, never intended on carrying one.

Had looked at these on cdnn for awhile, after getting the bug I went ahead and ordered one. I really like this rough little taurus, sold that Smith so the wife could get her sig.
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Nothing wrong with a revolver...looks good!
Hey Toney,

I'd like a range report if you get a chance. I love the j-frame 357's, but I'm a budget minded person. That Taurus looks perfect, but from what I've read, their quality is a crap shoot at times.
Howdy!!! It ain't pretty but it shoots to poa, doesn't lockup like a Smith but it doesn't spit even with lead.
The da pull is a little heavier than the little Smith I had but the sa isn't bad. The hammer is a little hard to pull back.
most of the complaints are about the cylinder locking up cause of a tight gap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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