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polymer slide rails

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my kahr[p230] is new and unfired.
Upon dissambly, I found the slide rails on the right side of
the polymer frame to be sort of galded with some hair size
plastic threads hanging there.
those rails look a bit rough. should i smooth them out, break it in, send it back ? opinions are very welcome.
thanks men
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Remove the visible hangers on and then take it out and shoot it. The high spots on the poly rails will smooth with break in. Kinda sucks that they ship guns like this, but labor ain't cheap. Should not be an issue for you at all.

I'm not really sure what a Kahr P230 is, but the above assumption is that you meant the Kahr P380.
thanks lujtuc.
my bad. it is a p238. i will do exactly that.
or clean the gun, lube the stainless slide rails up and they re-install and thenjust sit there and rack the slide about 500 times. this will take of fany high spots on the polymer guide rails. Once the slide is on the gun, it shouldmake no contact witht he polymer rails. All those rails do is #1 give you a guide to re-install the slide , #2 adds alittle upper frame strength also. Another reason why kahr recommends 200 rounds down range to, This shooting will smooth things out real fast.Where the slide actually touches the polymer rails due to possably to much polymer in that area, willsoon be shaved/worn down by the action of the slide. Racking will do about the same thing.

yourgun is OK, just go out and shoot it like you stole it..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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