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I worked 2 nites on this, with calipers, re-read/re-adjusted. Made some phone calls and l got the hornaday "new demension" 2-n-1 die to work on my cast and hi.tek coated boolits. It will even be easier, & slicker with extreme copper plated bullets. Now l can use my modern 3 bearing 9mm bullet drop die from mrbulletfeeder.biz.... This below make's a Lee loadmaster (mikesreloadingbench.com) incredible. There are none of these hornaday dies for sale. I found it on ebay and it cost me extra 10$ bucks after l called and talked with Hornaday who had none either.

Doing this so to use boolit drop die in sta. 4 & new hornaday 2-n-1 die in sta. 5. This means every time i move lever l make a rnd. The loadmaster is more solid and primer loading is in seconds compared to dillon 650. Provided you have magic mikes stuff. I know, i own and use my dillon super 1050 almost daily, less iam sick.

NOE bullet molds
Jerry & Donnie miculek and their bayoubullets.net
Hi-tek Supercoat from aussie land down-under.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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