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question about p380

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hello - I am relatively new to guns so if this is a stupid question, please forgive me, I bought a used but like new p380 about a week ago. shot is 2 days ago and shot it again today-flawless- -that is a sweet gun -too bad its for wife-I have gun envy- I took it apart this eve to clean it and lube it and then I ran some of those pads throught he barrel and then decided to run one of those "copper brush attatchment" for lack of better word and ran it through barrel once or twice too. then it occured to me that the barrel is not only rifled but they go a step further and call it poly striations (or something like that) it makes gun more accurate and gives 10% more power as well as a couple other things which I cant remeber. did I damage the striations in the barrell by using the copper brush type attatchments? I wouldnt think so but just wanna make sure

Off subject- I have a m and p 9c that I ahve had for several months and have not shot yet. if anyone here has shot a 9mm, what kind of recoil should I expect. I have never shot anything bigger than .380.- 9mm is larger than 380 but gun is also larger than kahr 380 so I would think recoil would be bout the same. I love my Kahr380 so much I think I am gonna sell my m and p 9c and buy a good used Kahr pm9
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My m&p 40c shoots pretty smooth, I bet the 9 is pleasant shooting.
You didn't damage anything by using the copper bore brush. Stainless steel is much harder then copper. The bore brush will loosen up any crap that gets stuck in the rifling. Good cleaning practice is to run a few wet (with gun cleaner) patches through first, then a bore brush, then a few more wet patches. Finish with dry patches until it's as clean as you want.

As for your question about 9mm and recoil, it's dependent on the gun, but no 9mm really has much in the way of unmanageable recoil. Smaller pistols generally have more perceived recoil due to less absorptive mass. Grip also matters (hold the gun as high up on the grip as possible).

I have a Glock 19 (9mm) and a Kahr P380, and I'd say the perceived recoil is about the same.
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