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Range Report 9 Apr 09

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I made it to the range today to do my initial 200 round break in and was I impressed. I thought I might have a couple of hiccups but to none occurred, the P380 was 100% reliable from the get go. My first 100 rounds were WWB with the truncated FMJ bullet. Next came 50 rounds of Federal HydraShock, followed by 50 rounds of Corbon. The little pistol was a joy to shoot and I stopped only when I ran out of ammo. The first time I shot my Ruger LCP, though accurate and reliable, it was no fun after about 20 rounds. The recoil on the P380 was much softer making for a pleasant afternoon shooting. The below pictured group was shot at 10 yards. This pistol is more accurate than the LCP due to much better sights and after the initial 200 rounds I was able to keep moving back to 50 yards and it a 20" gong surprisingly easily.
I'm impressed, this pistol totally outclasses the LCP.


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u got that right, totally outclasses the kt's and lcp.

I never went beyond 7 yards but it was alot more accurate than my lcp and kts were and 100% easier to shoot for a prolonged period also. I put 250 rounds through mine today and never felt tired or sore or anything, other than totally impressed.
Jocko, I totally agree with you about how comfortable this pistol is to shoot for extended sessions. Kahr has hit a home run.
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