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Range report after return from Kahr

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My P380 was returned to Kahr for service in early February and returned in under 2 weeks.

I reported: Failure to go to battery, slide locking back in the middle of a magazine and stovepiping. This was with over 900 rounds of various brands of ammunition fired by myself and 2 other experienced shooters.

Kahr reported doing the following work: Replaced extractor, recoil spring, slide stop spring, polished parts as needed (I wonder which ones), lubed and test fired. I also had them install XS Big Dots while they had the gun.

After receiving the gun back from Kahr I have fired 300 PMC Bronze, 20 Gold Dot, 40 CorBon 90gr JHP and 40 CorBon DPX without a single problem. I now consider the gun to be reliable for CCW.

I've also installed a CT LG-433 and now need to find a pocket holster that will accommodate the Big Dot and the CT.

I've decided on CorBon DPX as my self defense ammunition for the P380. Since the gun is for the most part a BUG, I'd anticipate very close range usage if I ever had to use it. The DPX has the largest muzzle flash of all of the self defense ammunition I've run through the gun and I figure that even if the rounds don't penetrate sufficiently, there's a good chance I'll set the BG on fire. ;D :eek: ::)

As a final comment, I now feel as good about the P380 as I do about my PM9 which has never had a malfunction of any kind with over 1000 rounds downrange.
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Glad to hear all's well that end's well.
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