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range report

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Finally got to go to range today and shoot new p380, when kahr says to shoot 200 rounds through it , there not just whistling Dixie, before i went to range I cleaned gun, polished the barrel, the throat, the ramp, the slide, and oiled it up with m-pro 7, real slick stuff. I shoot 200 rounds of winchester fmj through it first, the first 15 rounds nearly every shot would lock open the slide, didn't expect that with all the polishing I did, the next 50 or so it started to get a lot better, by 150 rounds it was singing to me.
Finished up the win fmj, then switched to defensive loads, golden saber, cycled well, but was not very accurate, shot some corbon 90 gr jhp cycled well very accurate,shot some grizzly 90 gr cycled well and accurate. oh I almost forgot buffalo bore shot well and also accurate this is good stuff and my carry load as well.The bottom line is the 200 rounds is a must do for this gun, after cleaning it I could see where the polymer frame stuff was wearing off the slide on the frame, that's why you have to shoot it so much to wear that stuff down till your gun is slick as a whistle. I really love this gun, had a LCP and got ride of it didn't like the super long trigger pull, this gun trigger pull is half that of the ruger to make it go bang. Hope this helps everyone.
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