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Recluse Holster coming for the P380

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'Thought you might like to read my "layman's" review of this holster posted at our sister site, elsiepeaforum.com. The company will soon be offering a model for the P380.

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It was about 3 weeks ago i was in a gun shop asking about this holster. He hadn't heard of it, so we got on his laptop and he was impressed. We called the manufacturer and asked about availability for the P380. We were told they couldn't get hold of a P380 to use for a model :eek: so it would be a while.

I just got mine, so I didn't want to offer mine up. ;D
:) How soon is soon? :)
ok well i sent them an email ad the stated that

"We do indeed have plans on making holsters for the Kahr P380. Of course our first issue is finding one to design the holster with. As soon as it is acquired then it will take a few weeks to bring all the pieces together."

I have a feeling some one could get a free holster if they would be willing to part with their P380 for a few weeks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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