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recoil spring change

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Kahr has recently went to a heavier INNER recoil spring for the P380, so if u are having any FTRB issues . Etc, just order the entiere new set as they come as a pair,but the only change is the inner recoil spring..
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I see on the Kahr shop site that you can purchase a inner spring alone. How does one know if they are the new springs or left over stock from previous production?
didn't know you could purchase the innder spring along. tha tis good. I wouldjust think that any new springsare gonna be the latest thing but again that is just a SWAG.

Swag= Scientific wild ass guess.
jocko said:
Kahr has recently went to a heavier INNER recoil spring for the P380, so if u are having any FTRB issues . Etc, just order the entiere new set as they come as a pair,but the only change is the inner recoil spring..
I ordered what I thought was the heavier inner spring. I ordered it last Friday and it was delivered today. I can't really tell any difference. It has the same number of coils and appears to be the same gauge of wire. It feels the same, too. I am going to call them tomorrow to see if they shipped the new version or the old version. The website doesn't really give any info as to "new version".
Does anyone know why the new recoil spring looks and feels like the old recoil spring, theres an old saying if it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck than its a duck. Why would kahr tell people that when they order the new spring, there actually getting the new stronger one , if they don't have the spring avalible yet, why not just freaging say so.
My apologizes to Kahr, I received my new recoil springs today. I noticed that the outer spring appeared to be 2 coils longer, the inner about the same, but they are defiantly stronger, I had a hell of a time trying to get them compressed to install them, it took about 10 trys but finally did it. There is no doubt they are stronger springs.
Hope to get to range soon and try it out.
If I bought mine at a gun show a few weeks ago new and do not know if I have the new springs, is there a way to know by serial number ? Have not had a chance to shoot yet, do I need them ? Must be a reason to change, but as they say "If it ain't broke , don't fix it."
You could contact kahr thay would know by serial # go to there web site for contact info, theres a telephone # and e-mail address
I emailed them this morning , I was told they can not tell by serial number. :eek: I found that quite surprising , I was told to go shot it and if it had any issues to get back with them.
My gun was bought new by me, it was new enough to have 2 screws on the side plate and the new slide stop, but did not have the new stronger springs, that came out about month ago.
I have the 2 screw side plate as well , guess I'll shoot my 200 and see what happens.
I have an occasional failure to eject cleanly, and wonder if it is due to too strong recoil springs. This usually happens with relatively mild reloads ( I upped the powder charge 0.2 grains and virtually eliminated the problem); wondering if heavier springs will really aggravate the situation.
My gun is relatively new.
Makes sense to me , easier to shut = harder to open. Got the new spring when I ordered a holster ; can't have to many holsters. I'm thinking I'll shoot with the original first and see how she does , then change if there are any problems. I inquired with Kahr by email as to why the new spring but got no answer ; it's like trying to get info from Apple.
I have my opinion on the new springs, my gun works great with them, but what i think is the reason for the change is, these guns are very tight, that's the reason for the 200 round break in, if you've read any of the posts on the forum you'll notice that a lot of guns have a failure to go into battery,fail to eject empties. I think the stronger springs will eliminate a lot of the problems right at the get go, and kahr will save money on exchanges all the parts that they are sending people trying to get there guns to work right.
Shooter , you stated your new OUTTER spring was longer ; it was my understanding the INNER spring was the one that changed. Maybe the old one was shorter due to being compressed in the gun for a period of time ?
Yea i guess that's possible, because it was at least 2 coils longer than the other spring. Its really stiff now to hand cycle, but it shoots great no problems
Kahr answered an email from me and said only the INNER spring had been redesigned. Even though I have not shot the pistol yet I guess I will install it. I count one less coil on the new spring but it appears to be extended further.

New spring on top in photo.


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if the new spring is on top, it looks like it has 1 more coil not less to me
Count the tops of the coils right to left ....14 to 13 total...
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