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reload bench

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My very cluttered reloading bench, a $15 surplus desk.
Had my stuff mounted on the end, but while reforming rifle cases I pulled a press loose. The way the desk is made I couldn't mount the far enough in.

Though about mounting on a steel plate, but ended up pulling the center Drawer out and mounting them where I could set comfortably and watch the computer.
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That's what you call a serious work area...!!!!
Man you are almost as cluttered as my bench is. I was going to say disorganized but I know that you remember where everything is right? I kmow I can find whatever I'm looking for under that mess unless my wife or one of our boys has touched the bench.
I was in Bass Pro today looking for 45acp, 9mm or 40s&w ammo (what a joke/nothing), I also looked around at their reloading supplies as I'm considering it, almost nothing available there also..............
It is sad!!! Bought two boxes of primers since this has started and I'm down to 800 already!!!!!!!

It is sad!!! Bought two boxes of primers since this has started and I'm down to 800 already!!!!!!!
iam down to 5 thousand S.pistol and 4.5 k on L pistol.

I may have found a 1050. Looking friday for bid.

Keep em presses cover up, IMHO.
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Nice set up!!! When I first started loading I run through a thousand or more a month.

Hey really glad you stopped in!!!
You know I have thought about going to a progressive press, I loaded rifle long before I started loading for pistols.

I load hunting loads for 4 different handguns, and I load them as I do for my rifles. One step at a time

Yeah I load like Winchester operated on mash
well you might do some off em on a progressive. You know more than i. But the loadmaster has been good.

heres mine doing 45acp:
Yeah I think a progressive press would be nice. But I'm not shooting hundreds of rounds at a time anymore.

It might be a little anal, but I like inspecting the cases at every step. Making sure there's nothing to break the decapping pin, the flash hole is open and ready, and there's powder in it before I seat the bullet. Then I inspect the finished round.
Ps cool video! !! I need to learn to post them.
bought this today for 262.20 to the door.

44 magnum
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Very nice!!! Congrats!!!

I think my next Lee press will be a load all in 12ga.

You've really got it bad since you started loading!!!
Here are the plans for what I'm building tomorrow.

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Looks good!!!
Thanks. I'm really excited about it. I'll post some pics tomorrow. And then once I stain it.
Good deal.........definitely post some pics...........
Got done this afternoon. I was up til' 2 am cuz I was too excited to wait til today. Lol. It's a blonde birch top. How should I stain it?

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Nice work!!! Time to mount the press!!!
Thanks. I want to stain it also. What stain would you recommend on that blonde birch?
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