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Repaired P380 - 1st observations

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Today, after 8 weeks, I had my P380 returned from Kahr. I had about 800 rounds though it with periods of working well, periods of not working well. I had all the usual symptoms during the 800 rounds (FTF, FTE, stove-piping, light strikes) with the last being that of the slide holding back after every round fired (with either of the 2 magazines.) Sent it back through Sportsman's Warehouse (big Kudos to them, they were just excellent!).

Kahr replaced the entire frame assembly with a new one (new serial number), replaced the striker block and extractor pin as I indicated in my letter to Kahr that these both had their nickel (chrome?) plating delaminating. (Please check yours - these seem to be MIM components that are then dull nickel plated for toughness).

Immediately I see the new frame looks beefier than the 1st. After racking the slide 300 times in front of the nightly news (and yes, I ascede this is not the same as firing), I see none of the tell tale wearing of the plastic frame nibs that occured on the 1st frame. The 1st frame front frame nibs/guides were nearly paper thin before they finished wearing, BTW).

Kahr, along with the new frame and parts, also included 2 new 7-round P380 magazines (and, of course, my original 2 6-round mags). I did not know these existed until receiving the pistol today. Very pleased with this, thanks Kahr. (Note: if you send your pistol back, do NOT send a nasty gram with it, a few kind words and lots of patience will get you better results, me thinks!)

I practiced racking a half a dozen rounds using the slide release and all fed perfectly well.

Update / range report to follow in a couple of weekends. Hoping this half new pistol runs perfectly well.

Cheers, Cryoman

PS. Just FYI for those that follow this stuff, the earlier frame was RB72xx, the new frame is RC42xx
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I had the frame on mine relaced a few months back. The pistol had to go through the transfer and paperwork thing again. I'm in CA and I bet that first p380 with the bad frame is still listed under my name somewhere.

I had a little trouble with break in on it, it would go about 50 rounds and then start to sow down and stovepipe - I ended up finding some "Lumps" on the bottom of the barrel and polished the bejeezus out of them with my dremel (beware the dremel!) It really helped. The gun runs 100% with any good ammo now.

One thing that really helped me with the Kahr was understanding how the pistol needs to be held and also the variations in different ammo.

I learned to shoot it correctly by watching only the ejected case. This is harder to do than you might think! I ignored the front sight and target. I was amazed at what I learned. First thing I learned was some of my jams were my fault from letting the gun rotate to the right (I'm a lefty) It would always stovepipe when I did that.

The other thing I learned is the 50 to a box range ammo is just that - range ammo - The power deviation between different rounds can be substantial enough so that some will barely operate the slide.

The P380 is a great gun - I now own 2 and love them!
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I also am waiting for my repair and new frame.
I had all of the same problems, but in addition, I had several FTF when pulling the trigger did not release the striker even though the gun was cocked.

I'll have to go through the 200 round break in period again and see what happens.
Small Update:

50 rounds through it using handloads with Hornady RNFMJ 90gr bullets and Federal primers. Of these 50 rounds, probably 20 times "held back" slide with rounds still in magazine. Not really a failure to feed but more probably the known issue of the slide release not be perfectly done correctly and catching the slide when it shouldn't. I'll continue on to 200 round break-in before final judgement. No failure to fire, no light strikes, no failure to eject/stovepipes as before. Certainly a huge step in the right direction.

Cheers, Cryoman
I also just got my P380 back with a new slide and the same replacement parts as you had mentioned.

I have not had a chance to go to the range, however, I already see that I cannot slip a round into the barrel, with the slide locked open, and let the slide release using the slide release lever and have the round set to fire. It closes about 95% but not enough to be able to fire.

I know that Kahr tells us that we should only chamber a round using the magazine inserted and using the slide release lever, however I was able to do this before the parts changes.

We will have to wait and see how things go.
Polish the inside of the chamber with a Dremel.
Repaired P380


This week I shot 50 more rounds with a mix of handloads, Cor-Bon, Hornady Critcal Defense, Winchester flat-nose FMJ. All 50 rounds without a flaw. Will probably give it one more 50 round trial with a mix of these and then declare it ready for carry with either the Cor-Bon or Hornady. I'm happy that my reconstructed pistol was fully remedied by Kahr.


When I first received p380 one magazine fired well one was useless. Returned the bad one and all was well. About a year or so later pulled it back out and now neither work. FTF and nose dives.I sent it back. Cannot help wondering if the issue is poor magazines. Cannot find aftermarket magazines or aftermarket springs. Any ideas?
Another update. I'm now carrying my P380 as my CHL pistol and am using the CorBon as my carry ammo. I'm thinking I ought to shoot up the 2 carry mags worth of that, another 100 Winchester flat nose 90 grainers and report out again. Maybe this weekend.... Really want this pistol to eat all I can give it (with reasonably large numbers...) to keep my confidences.

Best to all. Cryoman
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