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rossi ranch hand

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A 15yd group after I had pulled the comb clean out and drifted the front sight all 'the way to one side.

Their sending a truck after it tomorrow. Oh it doesn't load 357 hardly at all!!!!
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How's the kick and control? The Ranch Hand sure does take me back a few years!
Not too bad, only shot 6 mags wasn't hitting my target. The 38s were nice!!!!.
Think I'm gonna try shooting it from the cheek., shooting it held out was a little weird, was just a little heavy for one hand shooting.

Sent the truck off without it this morning. After a little reading over at taurus think ill take care of it myself. Been over at Steven's guns, already picked out new sights.
Got the sights ordered today. Was looking and measuring and i think rossi must put the sights for hex barrels on everything!!! And that ain't working on a tapered barrel!!!
Lookin' good!
Swapped the rear sight with a rifle sight, the carbine sight was short and set on the tallest notch and I thought it looked funny.

Oh man... it looked good but went on way to easy... they were both marble sights but the rifle sight has a undersized dovetail. Was thinking I'd opened it up, and was thinking I'd have to peen it, but after getting the calibers out it would never work.

I did shoot some very good groups sighting it in. Would post pics bit my phone isn't working.

I did put the rifle comb in, its longer and has two more notches.
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6 shots at 10yds freehand. The one by itself was the first shot after putting the sights on
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3 hornady LSWC, was aiming at the bird. They were hitting higher and right.
Dammit a keyhole!!!
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I can......
Lookin' good!
Hey WB! long time no hear~
These boys must be out on the Pan Handle of Texas...wow, that wind was fierce ....East Texas always has a strong breeze cuz Mexico sucks...:lolu:
No, Texas blows and Kansas sucks. That's why ist so windy in ok
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And I thought it was just blowhard bob..........causing all that wind your way.......... :tongue:
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oops, opened up a can there huh?:phew: bob?
Its true... its all that hot air..
What I like to call "balloon juice" :lolu:
And he definitely likes the "juice" ...............
Jamesons anyone.......
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