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S&w 15-22

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What a fun rifle!!! Mine ate federal bulk by the box. Grandkids had a blast, but grandma couldn't load the mags fast enough! !!.

The accuracy was so so, was really sensitive to forend pressure. Scope offset was really to high for a small game rifle but it gave the turtles a bad day.

I put my two stage target trigger in it out of my m4 for awhile.

I think it was a neat ammo burner, glad to have owned one.
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The kids and grandpa got to have all the fun shooting. While grandma got to do the no fun stuff, like loading the mags.............bad grandpa........bad !!!
You know after we finally let her shoot it and she popped a big snake and started getting turtles she tried to claim it as hers!!!
Oh okay, grandpa plays nice.......
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